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Your Digital Solution
for Benefit Enrollment and HR Administration

Business Meeting


Brokers & General Agents

 Administrators & Payroll


As a cloud-based software application with a streamlined interface experience, there is no longer a need to fill out forms on paper.


UBenefit is easily customized to suit your specific business needs and goals.  You can easily define specific screens to display the information that is relevant to your workflow.  You can easily personalize your UBenefit portal with your company's logos and colors.  Updates happen in real-time and you have total control over who sees what information in a secure online environment.

Patented Technology

Patented personal health statement configuration allowing exclusive technologies such as the ability to fill out each field only once allowing all equivalent fields to be filled resulting in less information required than any competitors.

U.S. Patent No. 8,234,222 B2


Managed Services

Managed Services provides your team extra time to focus on what you do best. Let us implement your group and build out your benefits. We can manage your ongoing benefit administration needs and deliver scheduled HR reports.

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