Founded in 1997, Benefit Resource Inc. is a privately-held software company that owns UBenefit™ technology and licenses the service.  Our goal is to establish UBenefit software as the premier Human Resources and Benefit Management web services solution -- connecting people, processes, and information in a streamlined, personalized, and secure way.

Our company headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We welcome visitors!

Introduced in 2005, UBenefit is an established and well-proven technology.  UBenefit is a cloud-based software application that facilitates all areas of employee benefits and human resources management. 


UBenefit features a customized portal that provides tailored views of information. UBenefit drives your team's efficiency by capturing, managing, and sharing all the moving pieces of the benefit supply chain in a single, streamlined platform.

UBenefit is easily customized to suit your specific business needs and goal.  You can easily define specific screens to display the information that is relevant to your workflow.  You can easily personalize your UBenefit portal with your company's logos and colors.  Updates happen in real-time and you have total control over who sees what information in a secure online environment.

The UBenefit personal health statement configuration has received a U.S. patent (U.S. Patent No. 8,234,222 B2).


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