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Custom Software

UBenefit has a long history of crafting customized software. Our system can provide flexibility to adapt to any need. Below are some examples of the customization we have accomplished already for our clients.
Customized Reporting
Custom reports for different clients’ specifications.
Customized Enrollment Process
Design and implement personalized enrollment workflows that cater to customers' unique business requirements, ensuring smooth and efficient enrollment experiences for users.
Data Integration
Different client-acceptable formats for both importing into UBenefit and exporting out of UBenefit specific to different clients’ needs.
Unique System Roles
Tailored roles within the system to optimize operational workflows and ensure clear responsibilities as per client requirements.
Unique Product/Plan System Support
Bespoke system support for diverse products and plans, adapting our system functionalities to accommodate varying requirements and specifications.
Different Branding for Different Groups
Enabling distinct branding options within the platform to cater to different client groups or business units, ensuring brand consistency and alignment with specific branding guidelines.
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