The core of UBenefit is our proprietary, Java Enterprise Application Portal. This is a server-brokered framework and the supporting API's for delivering rapidly-developed, highly-configurable, and parallel-scaled Web applications. Features include support for portal sites, configurable graphics, role-based presentation, data security, and architecture/API support for HIPAA compliance.






The UBenefit Portal provides two separate role-based security mechanisms: presentation and data. The presentation components of the application are made up of individually-configurable panels that can have a three-state view property (view/edit/hide) configured by user or role. This gives site administrators tremendous control over what kinds of users may perform which tasks. In addition, each user can be associated to certain data in the system. For instance, a certain broker/agent might only be able to view and edit data from a certain client's location, or an office administrator might only be able to view data that is associated with their manager.

The UBenefit data center features a redundant and fault-tolerant array of application servers, controlled and load-balanced by a dedicated master router. This architecture allows us to scale our data center rapidly simply by increasing the number of application servers in the array. We also maintain a remote backup server that securely backs up all UBenefit data, multiple times per day.


In addition to the role-based presentation and data security, UBenefit contains many security-oriented features, such as the use of Secure Socket Layers (128 bit SSL), plus encrypted URL's to prevent packet filtering or data-spoofing, separate backend database instances for each broker client, persistence layer change-logging, and a user-logging monitor.

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